The Complete Online Tennis Course

Guaranteed to skyrocket your skills or your money back!


The Complete Online Tennis Course

Guaranteed to skyrocket your skills or your money back!

Hey, I’m Brandon {INSERT SURNAME} from On The Rise Tennis. For over 20 years, I’ve been helping tennis players of all ages and ability levels smash their goals.

Now, I’m here to propel your game and help you unlock the tennis player you dream of being.

For just $149, you’ll have access to my courses for life, and I’m even throwing in a bunch of free stuff too.

So, if you dream of conquering the court, read on. I’m 100% confident you’re gonna want to be part of this.


Hey, I’m Brandon Sieh from On The Rise Tennis. For over 20 years, I’ve been helping tennis players of all ages and ability levels smash their goals.

Now, I’m here to propel your game and help you unlock the tennis player you dream of being.

For just $149, you’ll have access to my courses for life, and I’m even throwing in a bunch of free stuff too.

So, if you dream of conquering the court, read on. I’m 100% confident you’re gonna want to be part of this.

Are You Feeling Stranded & Your Progression Has Halted?

Do you feel your tennis game has come to a standstill? Is breaking through the barriers elusive? Tired of repeating the same things and seeing no results? Elevating your game can be hard, can’t it?
  • Often, you might feel you're not choosing the optimal shots.
  • Does it seem like your progress isn't matching your dedication?
  • Caught up in the moment, do you find yourself reacting rather than strategizing?
  • Is your timing and stance a bit off at times?
  • Wondering how to genuinely evolve in tennis when most lessons seem to offer only fragments of what's needed?

These online tennis courses and free eBooks are what you’ve been waiting for.

Two Online Tennis Courses for $97 + BONUSES

Total Value = $417. You Save $338!


Tennis Masterclass

Serve Course

About Me

Meet Brandon, Your Professional Tennis Coach

Hey, I’m Coach Brandon, the founder of On the Rise Tennis Academy in San Diego, California. Within a span of just seven years, we’ve grown to become one of the most prestigious tennis academies. From humble beginnings with only four students, we now boast 150 trainees and a waiting list full of athletes wanting to embrace our teaching methodology.

Here’s a bit about me and why you can trust these online tennis courses will transform your game.

If you have the passion and the drive, I have the expertise and the experience.
Let’s team up and etch your name in the annals of tennis history!

Tennis Masterclass:
Was $149, Now $97

Game, set, mastery! Unleash your potential on the court with our comprehensive tennis masterclass. Dive into shot-making, stances, fluid movements, and strategic decisions, evolving into the player you've always dreamt of being.

Unlock Your Tennis Prowess in 17 Videos

Dive into the curriculum:

  • Mastering the Three Ball Plays
  • Perfecting the Forehand
  • Dominating with the Backhand
  • Open vs. Closed Stance Explained
  • The Art of Approach
  • Volley Virtuoso
  • Half-Volley Techniques
  • Swing Volley Secrets
  • The Perfect Lob
  • The Slice and its Nuances
  • Drive Mastery
  • The Cross Technique
  • Drop Shot Magic
  • The Overhead Shot Unveiled
  • Block Shot Basics
  • Roll Shot Revelations

With 17 all-access lifetime videos, you'll become adept at every tennis move. Regardless of the play, confidently choose and execute each shot flawlessly. Upon finishing, expect envious glances from opponents and partners alike, wondering at your rapid transformation.

The course is yours for a lifetime. Purchase once, and relish the flexibility of learning whenever and wherever. An economical alternative to pricey face-to-face coaching sessions!

Desire unmatched skill without the hefty coaching fee? This masterclass beckons.

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Get The Bundle for $147

Serve Course:
Was $147, Now $97

Learn how to elevate your play with a powerful, perfectly crafted serve. Dive into an 11-module tennis serve course and transition from novice to serving up unplayable game-winning aces. Mastering the art of serving distinguishes the great players.

Boost your serve skills with this course and watch your overall performance soar.

Sharpen Your Serve Skills

This course encompasses:

  • Understanding Stance & Toss Mechanics
  • Precision Aiming Techniques
  • Mastering Net Clearance 
  • Preventing Overlong Serves
  • Understanding Stance & Toss Mechanics
  • Precision Aiming Techniques
  • Mastering Net Clearance 
  • Preventing Overlong Serves
  • Harnessing Serve Power
  • Exploring Diverse Serve Types
  • Formulating a Winning Serve Strategy
  • Thriving While Serving Under Tension
  • Harnessing Serve Power
  • Exploring Diverse Serve Types
  • Formulating a Winning Serve Strategy
  • Thriving While Serving Under Tension

With 11 comprehensive, lifetime access modules, we guide you meticulously through every move you need to mimic the professionals. Covering both tactics and technique—including high-pressure serves—we've got you covered

Acquire the expertise and mindset to choose and flawlessly deliver the right serve, whether you’re playing a practice game or competing against a tough opponent.

Enjoy a Tailored Learning Experience

Crafted for anyone keen to ace their serve, this course lets you set the pace. Revisit modules as needed, ensuring each repetition enhances your serve mastery.

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Get The Bundle for $147

Execute On-Court with Perfection

Imagine being out on the court, completely in control, and knowing every thought, movement, and shot is completely in your control. That’s what this course gives you. Conquer every element of tennis and unleash the player you’ve always had inside of you.


Always be in the right place at the right time, defending your court with confidence and precision.


Hone your agility and movement on the court to make every step purposeful and efficient.


Harness the power and precision of your serves, making them a formidable weapon in your arsenal.

Training Drills

Get access to drills tailored for specific skill sets, guaranteeing targeted improvement in your identified weak areas.

Shot Selection

Understand the highest percentage shot for every scenario and precisely where to place the ball to keep your opponent off-balance.


Clearly distinguish between balls you should take and those best left for your doubles partner to establish seamless coordination.

Techniques Exploration

Dive into advanced strokes and spins, from topspin lobs to slice serves to expand your shot repertoire.


Refine your game strategy to avoid unforced errors, making sure you don't rush or force aggressive plays when the timing isn't right.

Mental Resilience

Equip yourself with strategies to stay calm under pressure, ensuring that pivotal match points are approached with a clear mind.

Opponent Moves

Learn to read your opponent's body language and stroke technique, allowing you to predict their next shot and position yourself advantageously.

Transform Your Game in Hours, Not Months

The difference you’ll experience before and after progressing through this online tennis course:

Life before this program

  • Uncertainty about which shot to play and when
  • A struggle with decision-making on serve and return strategies
  • Persistent feeling of being out of position on the court
  • Inability to self-analyze and correct errors post-match
  • Consistent losses to opponents you believe you should beat

Life after this program

  • Solid confidence in shot selection for every play
  • Streamlined and expert decision-making, leading to high-probability tennis outcomes
  • A holistic grasp of tennis, empowering you to self-coach and rectify any slip-ups
  • Immensely increased enjoyment and passion for tennis, amplified by your newfound expertise and command of the game

What If the Course Doesn’t Work for Me?

A Money-Back Guarantee

If, for some unforeseen reason, my online tennis course doesn't drastically enhance your game, request a refund. We'll return every dime promptly, no questions asked. Having witnessed the triumphs of hundreds of players who've completed these online tennis courses, I'm unwaveringly confident in its effectiveness, so much so that I'm offering this money-back assurance.

To get anywhere near the results produced by this course, you’d have to:

  • Read EVERY tennis book ever published.
  • View EVERY tennis instructional video available.
  • Wade through hundreds of misleading tennis videos on YouTube.
  • Master the correct techniques to optimize shots and mitigate injuries.
  • Spend thousands of dollars seeking guidance from top-tier players and coaches.
  • Dedicate YEARS refining your craft through rigorous trial and error.

Even then, you might not generate the results that these online tennis courses offer.

This course is a culmination of 20+ years of experience in playing and coaching at the highest level. You won’t find any course so incredibly transformative anywhere else, let alone for this incredible price of just $149.

So, if you'd rather:

  • Bypass the exhaustive groundwork.
  • Benefit from my exhaustive research and experience.
  • Delve deep into the treasures of a sport we both love. 
  • See rapid results on your own schedule.
  • Not spend a fortune on refining your tennis game.

Sign up today and embark on this journey, risk-free. Remember, I’ll give you your money back if this course doesn’t work. All you’ve got to do is sign up and show up!

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On The Rise Tennis Academy

On The Rise Tennis Academy is a haven for players across all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner exploring the sport, an enthusiastic hobbyist aiming to step up your game, or a seasoned pro gearing up for fierce competition, quality coaching is a game-changer for everyone.

Our online curriculum is packed with insightful video lessons featuring in-depth discussions and practical demonstrations. Whether you’re new to tennis or looking to further enhance your game, we delve deep into the nuances of mindset and technique, tackling everything from the basics to professional-standard skills.

Embark on this journey with us, refining your athleticism and mastering the intricacies of one of the most exhilarating sports in the world.

Let's ace it together!

Breaking the Tennis Plateau with Our Course

Deep Dive Analysis:

We'll help you dissect and understand your games, pinpointing patterns and persistent mistakes. From the very basics to intricate technique tweaks.

Targeted Practice Sessions:

Our course segments focus on specific areas in tennis, ensuring holistic improvement. No more general advice; get specialized, actionable tips.

Goal-Setting Guidance:

We emphasize setting micro-goals. Achieving these step-by-step milestones will pave the way to your tennis prowess.

Expert Feedback:

Our modules are curated by professional coaches with proven results. We provide insights comparable to real-time feedback, empowering you to get to the root of your weak spots and teaching you how to self-correct.

Commitment Blueprint:

Our course is structured to keep you engaged and motivated. Breaking a plateau demands persistence, and we're here to guarantee you stay on track and trust the journey.

Join us and unleash the tennis champion within!

Master the Art of Tennis & Realize Your Full Potential

Conquer every aspect of the game. Become a technical and mental tennis master, so you can transcend levels beyond what you thought was possible. 

The best part? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on private sessions. You can learn on your own schedule, with lifetime access, for just $149!

Sign Up & Save

Lifetime Access

The best part about these online tennis courses is that you can access the materials for the rest of your life. Progress through as quickly as you like, train on your own schedule, and become a master tennis player. Need a refresher? No problem—simply skip back to the module you need to refresh.

This is a one-time purchase that gives you access to a professional and proven tennis coach for life!

What you get as part of the online tennis course:

In-Depth Tennis Courses:
  • Tennis Masterclass
  • Serve Course
  • Never Beat Yourself
Additional eBooks for FREE:
  • Essential Tips for All Players
  • How to Play Tennis Guide
  • Never Beat Yourself eBook

Serve Course


One Time Payment

  • 11-module Tennis Serve Course
  • Mobile App Access
  • Free Content Upgrade
  • Bonus #1: Never Beat Yourself Mini-Course
  • Bonus #2: 3 additional ebooks
  • Bonus #3: Recorded Q&A with Brandon

Tennis Masterclass


One Time Payment

  • Full comprehensive tennis masterclass
  • Mobile App Access
  • Free Content Upgrade
  • Bonus #1: Never Beat Yourself Mini-Course
  • Bonus #2: 3 additional ebooks
  • Bonus #3: Recorded Q&A with Brandon

Course Bundle


One Time Payment

  • Tennis Masterclass
  • Serve Course
  • Mobile App Access
  • Free Content Upgrade
  • Bonus #1: Never Beat Yourself Mini-Course
  • Bonus #2: 3 additional ebooks
  • Bonus #3: Recorded Q&A with Brandon

BUNDLE BONUSES #1: Never Beat Yourself Video Course: Was $69, Now $19

Step onto the virtual court with our exclusive video course, Never Beat Yourself at Tennis. As I say, tennis is a game of errors, not winners. It’s a fact that the players who make the most mistakes usually lose. Never Beat Yourself is designed to rid your in-game mistakes, empowering you to conquer the court.

Dynamic Self-Awareness Sessions:

Engage in visual breakdowns, witnessing common mistakes and avenues for improvement. Benefit from expert commentary to guide your self-assessment journey.

Consistency Clinics:

Dive deep into interactive lessons emphasizing the essence of consistent gameplay. Through real-life demonstrations, grasp the art of making high-percentage shots.

Shot Selection Workshops:

With detailed video tutorials, understand shot trajectories, spin dynamics, and target zones. Elevate your in-game decisions, one shot at a time.

Technique Masterclasses:

Get hands-on with technique drills and pro insights. Witness firsthand the importance of topspin, grips, and diverse shot-making.

Strategic Think Tanks:

Delve into the psychology and tactics of tennis. With opponent analysis and adaptive strategies, always be one move ahead.

Mental Game Bootcamps:

Explore interactive exercises and guided meditations, fostering resilience and focus. Plus, join exclusive discussions on pivotal reads like “The Inner Game of Tennis.”

Fitness Blitz Modules:

From cardio sessions to agility drills, immerse in routines tailored for tennis excellence. Track your progress with periodic challenges and benchmarks.

Get The Bundle for $147


I addition to the comprehensive video courses, when you purchase the online tennis course bundle, I’ll give you three in-depth eBooks for free.

My mission is to empower you to become the best tennis player possible without breaking the bank. So, I’ve included these exclusive documents to skyrocket your growth as a player.

These guides have been formulated based on my extensive experience as a player and coach. I’ve worked with athletes of all ages and ability levels. The tips and techniques in these free guides have equipped hundreds of players to improve—now it’s your turn. And you’re getting these insights for free!

Essential Tips for All Players

Jumpstart your tennis journey with this indispensable eBook. Tailored for tennis enthusiasts looking to refine their game, this guide shines a spotlight on the cornerstones of impeccable tennis play:

  • Mastery in Technique: Understand the pivotal importance of technique, from establishing muscle memory to the specifics of an immaculate forehand.
  • Key Pointers: Non-dominant arm positioning, eyes on the ball, and maintenance of a vertical racquet tip.
  • Tailored Drills: Create the perfect tennis footwork and cement it in your muscle memory.
  • Footwork Fundamentals
    • The crucial four-step dance to position yourself perfectly for the shot
    •  Progressive Drills
    • Detail Practice Tips

Endorsing both technique and footwork as the twin pillars of tennis prowess, Essential Tips for All Players is your roadmap to tennis excellence.

How to Play Tennis Guide

  • Spotting the Perfect Court: Navigate the best places for practice and matches.
  • Equipment Essentials: Uncover the must-have gear to start your journey.
  • Decoding Tennis Jargon: Understand scorekeeping, pivotal terms, and the core rules.
  • Swing Mastery: Delve into the five fundamental swings every tennis enthusiast should master.
  • Rapid Progression Tips: Harness strategies to amplify your growth on the court.
  • Expanding Your Tennis Horizon: Resources and avenues for deepened understanding.

With the Ultimate Tennis Guide, not only will you learn the rudiments of tennis but also embrace the sport's spirit and strategy. Ready to unleash your potential and revel in every serve, volley, and slam? Dive in and elevate your tennis prowess today!

Never Beat Yourself at Tennis

Elevate your tennis game with this insightful eBook, "Never Beat Yourself at Tennis." Included for free in this package, this guide reveals strategies to catapult your performance on the court:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Consistency
  • Shot Selection
  • Technique
  • Strategy
  • Mental Game
  • Fitness

By immersing in these proven strategies, you’ll not only understand the intricacies of tennis but also master the craft, all while enjoying the journey. Dive in and transform your game today!

BUNDLE BONUSES #3: Direct Access To Brandon - Recorded Q&A

Did you ever dream of having your most burning tennis questions answered directly by a pro? With this bonus you get direct access to Brandon and his 20 years of experience to get specific feedback and advice any time you want! Here is how it works:

Submit Your Question:

If you don't see your questions asked in any of the recorded Q&A, you can submit it!

Get A Recorded Answer:

If enough people ask the same question, Brandon will record a video specifically to answer it and post it to the platform.

Get The Bundle for $147